So-called “nude” underwear traditionally only caters to white skinned individuals, offered in tones like beige or blush, despite the fact that an 84% majority of the world’s population has a skin tone other than the standard “nude” colour. To put the light on this inequality, Björn Borg introduces the Skin Collection – an underwear line in six shades of human, following the Fitzpatrick skin scale*.
The collection was launched on the United Nations Racial Discrimination Day on March 21, 2016 through selected stores and through

The Skin Collection was awarded with a Gold Lion in Cannes Lions in 2016.

+ A total of +20,213 pieces from The Skin Collection sold worldwide.
+ Increase of the brand strength with 6% (brand tracking by Xtreme)
+ Over +150 articles in the non-paid media (social + media tracking by Gorkana)
+ All leading to an increase in visits to official e-commerce (.com) with over 210%